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When it comes to make your home more energy efficient, solar PV seems to be leading the way. Today I was out in Malibu CA meeting with my solar guy Josh Sanchez to size a solar photovoltaic system for a new project we are developing. make your home energy efficientHere we see Josh, talking to the Contractor, we were trying to figure which was the best wing to eventually install the solar panels. On the background we have the beautiful Point dume view. ( Not a bad place to be working) lol. 2014-07-23 10.44.54 After looking at the orientation of the house and the size of the roof, we knew the amount of panels we need to install to make the home more energy efficient and spotted the best place for the installation. We are going to install a 10 Kilowatt system and since the house will have many other energy efficient features, the system will provide at least 80% of the electricity needed for the house. If you would like to find out more about solar energy, feel free to contact me. I am confident that I have one of the best Solar teams in Southern California.